How a Revolutionary Picosure Laser Treats Skin & Removes Tattoos

Discoloration of skin presents itself in many forms. Freckles, age spots, dark circles under the eyes, and acne scars are just a few examples. Tattoo ink also colors the skin. The original tattoo may have had significance at the time, but many people regret the decision to get one. In those cases, people seek effective ways to remove the tattoo.


The Picosure Laser can remove tattoos, eliminate discoloration of the skin, and even restore a youthful appearance to a wrinkled face. This new laser can accommodate many needs because it works differently than traditional lasers. Those used high heat that built up during treatments. The results were moderate pain, burning of the surrounding tissue, and inconsistent success.

A dark tattoo, for example, may be faded and less noticeable after traditional treatments, but it would still be evident. Severe acne scars could be minimized, but not entirely eliminated. The risks of side effects are greater with traditional lasers as well.

Less heat is required when a Picosure Laser is used because rapidly delivered energy causes pigment and ink to vibrate and shatter. The tiny particles are then washed away by the natural processes of the immune system. Even dark tattoo ink is broken up and eliminated. There is less discomfort and no burning of surrounding tissue.


Removal of tattoo ink and acne scars produce permanent results. Treatment numbers and duration vary, but the average for tattoo removal is four to ten treatments of ten minutes each. The medical professionals at Total Body Laser Tattoo Removal can apply a topical anesthetic to minimize any discomfort during your treatment.

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